Our Services

We are committed to ensure wellbeing of the nation with our innovative technology and devoted team.



Bringing qualified professionals under one platform realizing the affordability of the most and serving hassle free healthcare using information technology.



Access in deserving healthcare using internet in the most reasonable cost with the adoption of swift service.



Ensuring standard healthcare response for each every users on any health conditions with effective consultation and treatment.

It's Smart

  • It allows Doctor's to create professional portfolio in most smart and attractive way.
  • It allows Doctors and Patients to communicate with all popular and widely used digital communication tool - Text messaging, voice and video calls
  • It allows Doctors to create patient account and save their medical records in image format and share as and when required

It Connects

  • It allows doctors to connect very easily with their patients and get regular health updates
  • It can easily connect doctors of same or different decipline but with same moral to serve the nation in Corona Pandemic
  • Everyone will be pleased from stakeholders to employees

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I just finished my trial period and was so amazed with the support and results that I purchased Orko right away at the special price.

Jude Thorn - Designer


Orko has always helped or startup to position itself in the highly competitive market of mobile applications. You will not regret using it!

Marsha Singer - Developer


Love their services and was so amazed with the support and results that I purchased Orko for two years in a row. They are awesome.

Roy Smith - Marketer

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